How To Tell If You Need a Repair

How To Tell If You Need a Repair

Water Line installation and repair in Denver, NC

Don’t panic if you suspect your water line is damaged. Rooterman Plumbing can restore it for you. Our team has tackled water line repairs of all types in Denver, North Carolina. You can trust us to fix your pipes quickly so you won’t have to deal with extensive property damage.

Contact us today to see if you need water line repairs.

Trust us to replace outdated plumbing

Your pipes weren’t made to last forever. If you need your water line replaced, reach out to Rooterman Plumbing. We maintain an efficient water line installation process in Denver, North Carolina. Our crew will:

  • Use leak detection tools to locate the source of the problem
  • Cut away part of the foundation slab and dig down to the pipe
  • Lay new plumbing and cover the hole once we’re done

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